Hard Copies of all Public Documents are available from the Municipal Office. To receive copies of a document please print off and complete the Town of Petrolia Request for Information form. Completed forms should then be submitted to the Municipal Office.

Water and Sewer

Municipal Performance Measurement Plan & Financial Information Returns

Financial Statements


Approved Budget 2019

Municipal Rates

2019 Municipal Fee Schedule
(all schedules included)


2020 Municipal Fee Schedules
(Council Resolution # C-04-10/30/2019)

Property Tax Rates


The Town of Petrolia issues tax notices to all property owners, these notices are based on the current tax rate for the property class. The tax rate includes the Town of Petrolia portion along with the County of Lambton & Board of Education portion. The tax notices are issued twice per year in February & August; each notice has two installment due dates.

Tax payments are due the last business day of the month in February, May, August & October. The first two (interim) installments are estimated taxes based on 50% of last years total taxes and the remaining two (final) installments reflect the current year assessment and approved budget.

Please see the Automatic Withdrawal Tax Payment FORM for more details about paying your taxes.


Property Assessment

Individual Property Taxes are based on the assessed value of your property. This value is determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation or more commonly referred to as MPAC.   These values are determined by factoring in property values, recent property sales etc. to establish a “Market Value” of your property. Property owners will receive a notice from MPAC as to what the assessed value of a property is, if you disagree with the property assessment the notice contains information on how to question the value or appeal the assessment.

For more information about how MPAC assesses your property please visit: https://www.mpac.ca/HowAssessmentWorks.

Tax Forms

Automatic Withdrawal Tax Payment

Request for Reduction

Electronic Tax Billing

Asset Management Plan

Strategic Asset Management Policy

Petrolia AMP 2016

Detailed Asset Management Plan