Accessibility and Planning


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Commitment Statement

The Town of Petrolia is committed to enriching the quality of life for persons with disabilities.  The Town recognizes that it is a long-term process, and knows that community collaboration and input is vital for moving towards full accessibility for persons with a disability.  The Town strives to remove existing barriers that limit inclusion while sustaining a community where residents are proud to be a resident.

Town of Petrolia Accessibility Policy and Plan


If you have any questions regarding accessibility please contact the Deputy Clerk.

Barrier Identification

The Town of Petrolia would appreciate feedback from the community to ensure that barriers are identified and a plan is put in place to remove those barriers. You can help by identifying accessible barriers within municipal buildings, municipal programs and services in Petrolia.

Barriers may include:

  • A sidewalk without a curb ramp
  • Snow removal at a specific location
  • Inaccessible washroom within a municipal building
  • A door way that is not wide enough in a municipal building
  • Signage in a municipal building
  • Municipal parking

Help make Petrolia more Accessible by submitting your information by E-Mail to Dave Menzies.


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