Mayor & Council

JoeGoPhoto-2 Top Row (L-R): Councillor Grant Purdy, Councillor Marty Souch, Councillor Joel Field, Councillor Wade Deighton, Councillor Ross O’ Hara

Bottom Row (L-R): Chief Administrative Officer/Treasurer Rick Charlebois, Mayor Brad Loosley, Councillor Donald Welten


JoeGoPhoto-8Brad Loosley
(519) 882-2073

JoeGoPhoto-14Wade Deighton
(519) 466-8916
JoeGoPhoto-19 Joel Field
4361 Sixth Street
(519) 882-3903
JoeGoPhoto-10Ross O’Hara
(519) 882-1293
JoeGoPhoto-13Grant Purdy
(519) 312-2450
JoeGoPhoto-21Marty Souch
(519) 331-3061
JoeGoPhoto-22Don Welten
(519) 383-9303

Council Meetings

All Council Meetings begin at 7:00pm and are held in the Council Chambers at Victoria Hall.

Agenda’s for the upcoming meetings will be posted the Friday prior to the meeting. Please join us.

Council Agendas
Council Meeting Schedule

Requesting a Certificate

We provide congratulatory certificates to individuals, groups, businesses and other organizations in Petrolia to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, milestone occasions, official openings and other special honours.

If you would like to request a certificate, please include all of the following details:

• Type of certificate requested
• Name of recipient
• Address of recipient
• Date of anniversary/birthday/occasion
• Date of celebration (if different)
• Pick up or mailed?
• Mailed to recipient or contact?
• Your name
• Your phone number
• Your email
• Your address

These certificates are not civic endorsements.

Requests should be sent to Mandi Pearson – Deputy Clerk/Operations Clerk (at least 14 days prior to your event).
E-mail your request to: mpearson@petrolia.ca or call: (519)882-2350.

Requesting Town Pins

If your charitable organization, agency or sports team would like to hand out town pins at an upcoming meeting, event or tournament, please include the following details:

• Your name
• Your organization
• Your phone number
• Your address
• Your email
• Request and reason

Requests should be sent to Laurissa Ellsworth – Director of Marketing, Arts and Communications at least 14 days prior to your event.
E-mail your request to: lellsworth@petrolia.ca or call: (519)882-2350, Ext. 231.


Council Remuneration Reports

2017 – Council remuneration and expense report

2016 Council Remuneration and Expense Report

2015 – Council remuneration and expense report

2014 – Council remuneration and expense report


Council Code of Conduct

34-2019 Council Code of Conduct

34-2019 Council Code of Conduct Complaint Protocol


Integrity Commissioner, Closed Meeting Investigator and Office of the Ombudsman

Integrity Commissioner:

Mr. John Mascarin of Aird & Berlis

T   416.865.7721
F   416.863.1515
E   jmascarin@airdberlis.com

Aird & Berlis LLP
 | Lawyers
Brookfield Place, 181 Bay Street, Suite 1800
Toronto, Canada   M5J 2T9 | airdberlis.com


Filing of Complaint with the Integrity Commissioner

The complaint may be filed with:

(a)        the Clerk by hard copy or by e-mail, or

(b)        directly with Integrity Commissioner by a sealed hard copy or email (contact above)

  • Please note there is a $150 refundable fee to file a complaint

I/C Investigations:

Bellchamber – Final Report Feb 12 2018

Closed Meeting Investigator:

Office of the Ontario Ombudsman https://ombudsman.on.ca/home

Ombudsman Complaint:


Town of Petrolia – Ombudsman Report – May 2018