Mayor’s Welcome

Mayor McCharles                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Welcome to the Town of Petrolia Website! As the Mayor of this vibrant and growing community I would like to share with you our vision for what we have long referred to as “The Greatest Town on Earth”

Over the past century and a half our community has exhibited the kind of vitality and imagination that has created an exceptional lifestyle for our residents. We take pride in our ability to look to the future while solving the many complex problems that small communities must deal with in the face of massive changes to the demands surrounding municipal services.

The foundation for this community’s success is a commitment to exploiting our countless amenities and creating opportunities for residents and businesses alike. For example, we recently identified new opportunities to enhance the role of Victoria Playhouse Petrolia. By working with municipal staff and local residents, we have developed a business plan that addresses the need to expand our audience base and increase tourism. The business plan also speaks to the theatre’s unique potential in the development of the Arts and Culture within our own community and throughout the region.

The issues associated with the delivery of health care services to our residents are being resolved, in part, with the creation of a Family Health Team. The Central Lambton Family Health Team, which, along with the Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital, will generate a model of rural health care for the entire province. Our doctors are working closely with both organizations and the Schulich School of Medicine to create a standard for rural health care education. The delivery of primary care and the management of chronic diseases will be enhanced by the “team” approach which sees all health care providers working together for improved health. To this end, we have established a doctor recruitment team that will aggressively seek out and encourage doctors to set up practice in Petrolia.

Our focus on a healthy community includes encouraging our residents to participate in our countless recreational and sporting activities. The Oil Heritage District Community Centre and our Farmers’ Market have been designed to generate and sustain interest in a healthy lifestyle. Their success is measured in the requests by residents for further expansion of programming and services.

Of course none of our initiatives would be possible without the tireless efforts of our many volunteers who cheerfully give hours and hours of their time to programs that benefit friends, families and neighbours. We are grateful to everyone who shares their community spirit with others.

Whether you are a visitor, a newcomer to our community or a long term resident, we invite you to enjoy all that Petrolia has to offer.

Mayor McCharles

Mayor’s Proclamation

White Rose – The Town Flower Proclamation