Please use this page to navigate to our By-Laws, By-Law Enforcement Contact, and to Animal Control. If you have any By-Law related questions that are not answered below, please call the Town Hall at (519) 882-2350.

By-Law Enforcement:

By-law to Adopt Policies and Procedures for By-law Enforcement and Property Standards in the Town Of Petrolia

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Glencoe Animal Shelter 

   Phone: 519-312-1238    

Phone: 519-312-1238

Phone: 519-845-5420                                         

Phone: 519-287-2974   




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 General Petrolia By-Laws (alphabetical order):

Responsibilities of a Property Owner

If you are looking for an item that is not available below, please contact the Clerks Department at clerksdepartment@petrolia.ca.


Heritage Facade Program/Heritage Property Tax Rebate

Benjamin Moore Historic Paint Palette can be found at:

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Comprehensive Zoning By-Law and Town of Petrolia Official Plan


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