Please use this page to navigate to our By-Laws, By-Law Enforcement Contact, and to Animal Control. If you have any By-Law related questions that are not answered below, please call the Town Hall at (519) 882-2350.

By-Law Enforcement


Animal Control:                    Fire By-Law Enforcement:  Parking By-Law Enforcement:   

General By-Law Enforcement:

Glencoe Animal Shelter 

   Phone: 519-312-1238    

Phone: 519-312-1238

Phone: 519-845-5420                                         

Phone: 519-287-2974   




Please click any of the links below to learn more about the following by-laws:

Animal Control

Back Flow Prevention By-Law

Brownfields Legislation 2010

Building Permit By-Law 53

Business License Application

Business License with Fine

Business License

78-2008 Cemetery By-Law

27-2015- Committee appointments

Daily Permit for Open Burning Application

Emergency Response

Fencing – General

39-2017 – Signed Pool Fencing By-Law  




Heritage Facade Program

Heritage Property Tax Rebate By-Law

Noise By-Law

Open Air Burning

Outdoor Patio

Park Protection

Summer Parking

Prohibit Transient Traders

Property – Cleaning and Clearing

Property Standards By-Law 15-2011

Sidewalk and Roof Ice & Snow

45-2018 – Signage and Advertising Devices

Benjamin Moore Historic Paint Palette can be found at:



Application for Temporary and Permanent Signage can be found at:

Temporary Sign Permit

Application for a Permanent Sign Permit

Transient Trader By-Law with Fine

16-1999 Tree Policy

Water Restrictions

Comprehensive Zoning By-Law and Town of Petrolia Official Plan


Town of Petrolia Zoning By-law

Town of Petrolia – Zoning By-law Schedule A 2019

Town of Petrolia Zoning Regulations Table A

Official Plan:

13-2016 Official Plan adoption

13-2016 Official Plan document

13-2016 Schedule A

13-2016 Schedule B