Provincial Stage Three Announcement Brings Changes to Petrolia Facilities

Posted: July 21, 2020

Provincial Stage Three Announcement Brings Changes to Petrolia Facilities

Following the Provincial announcement that Lambton County can enter Stage Three on Friday, July 24, 2020 the Town of Petrolia facilities will see some changes as well.

Maintaining appropriate physical distance and ensuring a focus on good hand and cough hygiene remains incredibly important for the continued health and wellness of our community and for all of Lambton. Although some of the changes encourage gathering in larger groups both indoors and outdoors, residents are reminded that the Ontario Provincial Police are acting on a complaint-driven basis regarding disregard of the guidelines.

As a reminder, the Province and Town of Petrolia remain in a State of Emergency currently. This means that we continue to be able to potentially request reimbursement for any costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus reminds residents to remain vigilant and to continue with physical distancing, hand washing and cough hygiene.

Clerk/Operations Clerk, Mandi Pearson said, “We would not be entering stage three without a continued concerted effort from our residents and those of Lambton County as a whole. Petrolia has remained strong and full of community spirit during this challenging time and I want to personally thank you all for that. It has helped our Council and staff to have such a high level of community support and close relationships with our business owners, service clubs, groups and more. We are in this together, and we will continue to move forward as a community in a safe way.”

Changes and Updates to Town of Petrolia Facilities & Services:

Campfires: Are permitted, and residents are reminded to follow the by-law and to always have a source of water nearby.

Compost Transfer Site & Curbside Wood Chipping: Will continue as scheduled. Details are available here: http://town.petrolia.on.ca/residents/waste-services/ Residents are reminded to sort compost materials. Please continue to keep a 6 foot/2 metre from staff as they collect complete the wood chipping on your property.

Council Meetings: Will continue to be held by electronic means. At this time, there is no benefit to move to in-person meetings as the video platform allows as many residents to attend meetings, whereas in person meetings would largely limit public from attending due to the physical distancing requirements for Council Chambers. As we proceed forward this will be reconsidered.

Downtown Petrolia Merchants: Shopping promotions are currently in place to help encourage residents to shop in Petrolia. Merchants are all working within the Provincial guidelines with support from the Town of Petrolia to offer goods and services in a safe manner. Residents are encouraged to continue showing their support to our merchants and to think Petrolia first.

Events: Remaining 2020 signature events are currently under review and will be announced one at a time.

Facility Maintenance: Work continues at all facilities.

Funerals and Cemetery Services: Services remain available. Please respect the physical distancing guidelines when attending Hillsdale Cemetery.

Greenwood Recreation Centre: Will remain closed until further notice.

Lottery Licensing, Marriage Licenses: Lottery Licensing is now available. Marriage Licenses and civil ceremonies are currently available, by appointment.

Petrolia Connection: Will remain available in a digital only format at this time. Please e-mail lellsworth@petrolia.ca to be added to the mailing list.

Petrolia Farmers’ Market: Will proceed through the remainder of the 2020 season respecting physical distancing and requesting minimal gathering. The Kerr Café will remain closed for the season as well.

Petrolia Municipal Office: Residents are welcome to visit Town Hall but, an appointment is required, please call (519)882-2350. Washrooms inside Town Hall will continue to remain closed to the public at this time, however the washrooms at the Petrolia Farmers’ Market are available. Residents are asked to wear a mask and to sanitize hands upon entry and to maintain physical distancing.

Parks & Recreation: Work continues throughout Petrolia.

Petrolia Parks & Nature Trails: Green spaces, nature trails and park lands remain available. Physical distancing is required.

Petrolia Playground Equipment: The playground equipment in our parks will be fully inspected and deep cleaned prior to re-opening on Saturday, July 25, 2020. The playground equipment will be sanitized regularly, but residents are reminded that the playground equipment is something that is available at the risk of the user.

Petrolia YMCA: Guidelines for the re-opening of the facility will be found at www.petroliay.ca once they are available, and the re-opening date will be announced soon.

Planner Hours: Rob Nesbitt, Senior Planner is available for meetings on Monday from 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. – noon, and a full day each Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Residents are welcome to call (519)882-2350 on these days to speak with Mr. Nesbitt regarding any questions or to schedule an appointment or to visit the Municipal Office regarding your planning items. All in-person meetings will require all parties to wear masks and follow facility health and safety protocols. Multiple people from one family may attend a meeting if required. Strict adherence to physical distancing guidelines and health and safety will be observed.

Even when Mr. Nesbitt is not working at the Petrolia Municipal Office, he is available at the County of Lambton building, by telephone to (519)845-0801 or by e-mail to rob.nesbitt@county-lambton.on.ca.

Planning and Development: Continues without interruption. Public meetings required under the Planning Act will continue using video conferencing.

Public Works: Work continues throughout Petrolia. Wingfield Street reconstruction will continue.

Tax Payment & Late Charges: The waiving of penalties, late fees and NSF charges ends on July 31, 2020.

Victoria Playhouse Petrolia & Victoria Hall Rentals: Currently under review. Announcements forthcoming.

Waste Collection & Large Item Collection: Waste collection continues with the request that you place only bags of waste at the curb to limit the risk to Waste Management drivers. Large Item Collection has been confirmed on your regular collection day during the week of October 19-23, 2020. Details are available here: http://town.petrolia.on.ca/residents/waste-services/.

Water & Wastewater: Please continue to only flush waste and toilet paper. Your attention to this detail will ensure the longevity of the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Mayor R. Brad Loosley said, “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our community. Every person has made a huge impact by doing their part… Some of our helpers are visible and working hard on the front lines in health care, long term care and essential retail. Some of our helpers are less visible and leading the charge from their restaurant kitchens, the post office, by offering curbside pick up of goods, and by partnering with our community to provide deliveries.

Many of the helpers work very quietly and remain undetected while they manage funeral services, re-stocking of shelves, collecting waste, maintaining clean drinking water, managing waste water, offering spirit activities and slightly different social events, volunteering to help residents attend the Market safely, watering flowers, fixing infrastructure, and maintaining an incredible level of uninterrupted customer service at Town Hall. For these (and many more) visible, less visible, and quiet helpers, I want to say thank you. The Council of the Town of Petrolia sees each of you and we appreciate your important role in the health, safety, high spirits, wellness and prosperity of Petrolia.”

As more information is available, we will provide further updates. Residents are encouraged to call the Town of Petrolia Municipal Office at (519)882-2350 with any questions regarding services or changes to facilities. Staff are pleased to help.


For more information:

Mandi Pearson
Clerk/Operations Clerk
Town of Petrolia
411 Greenfield Street
Petrolia, Ontario, N0N 1R0
(519)882-2350 Ext. 221
E-mail: mpearson@petrolia.ca