Work Approved for Florence Avenue, Egan Avenue & Kerby Street

Posted: March 14, 2017

Work Approved for Florence Avenue, Egan Avenue & Kerby Street

Petrolia, ON – At the March 13, 2017 Petrolia Town Council meeting, it was announced by Deputy Clerk/Operations Clerk Mandi Pearson that Council has entered into an agreement for project management services to move forward with infrastructure and road reconstruction on the trio of streets north of Petrolia Line citing local engineering firm MIG Engineering Ltd. as the project managers.

Florence Avenue, Egan Avenue and Kerby Street are connecting streets to one another on the north side of Petrolia Line, west of Eureka Street.  The underground work on Petrolia Line completed last fall, secured the infrastructure connection point for this project.   The project is expected to be completed in two phases beginning in summer 2017.  This area of Petrolia has one of the remaining combination sanitary/storm sewers in Town, and with the new waste water treatment plant coming online shortly, this makes the timing of separating these sewers an integral part of the waste water treatment plant operations.  Other sewers in the area of this project have been inspected via camering and demonstrate several more decades of useful-life, generating some cost savings to the overall project. 

No timeline has been defined yet, but in the past weeks MIG Engineering Ltd. and the Town of Petrolia have been preparing the projects areas of pre-construction, and will continue working closely in the coming weeks to arrange details and embark on the tendering process. 

Staff have completed a funding request to the new Clean Water Wastewater Fund in the amount of $628, 917.00 and are currently awaiting approval of funds from both the Federal and Provincial governments.  The Clean Water Wastewater Fund was announced in the 2016 Federal Budget, and it will invest up to $569.6 million in to the province of Ontario in 2016 and 2017.  The balance of our $2.6 million project will be paid for by using water and sewer reserves and additional municipal grants.  Chief Administrative Officer, Manny Baron said, “… we are extremely confident that this funding will be announced very soon.  We were advised of the allotment in 2016, and completed the required steps to confirm our eligibility.”

Council has agreed to proceed with the work prior to receiving final confirmation of the funding.  The trio of streets have been on residents wish lists for several years, and Mayor John McCharles is, “…pleased that staff have been able to do so much to lay the ground work for this project, and I am confident that the funding allotment will be announced shortly.  It was prudent of staff to prepare in advance to enable the tenders release shortly, so that a contract can be awarded and the project begin when the weather improves.”

Given the limited window of time each year that is suitable for construction, the Town of Petrolia is working with MIG Engineering Ltd. to get started as soon as possible.  More information will be provided as details are confirmed. Watch for information on the public open house session for residents that will be announced shortly.