UPDATE to Non-Compliance Reporting Method: re: covid-19

Posted: April 7, 2020


 Changes to processes and actions as we move through this unprecedented time are certain and constant.  The Town of Petrolia is working closely with all levels of government, and several organizations to help keep resident’s health and safety at the forefront of every decision.  Sometimes, changes happen that are meant to help streamline a process or to react to recent data and therefore, our updates are structured much the same way.

Under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMPCA), the Town of Petrolia has been advised that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will be acting on complaints received from residents regarding non-compliance as related to orders issued in relation to covid-19.

Should residents have concerns about someone not following physical distancing protocols, open businesses deemed non-essential or other issues, they are requested to contact the Ontario Provincial Police to report less serious incidents online at opp.ca/reporting. For non-emergencies call 1-888-310-1122.  In case of emergency, call 911.

From a media release from the OPP:

“…The OPP encourages businesses to voluntarily comply with all short-term restrictions. Education, awareness and compliance are preferred options, but officers will apply discretion whether to launch any enforcement actions such as:

  • Offences relating to non-essential businesses that remain open in contravention of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. (EMCPA).
  • Offences relating to gatherings of more than five people in contravention of the EMCPA.
  • Quarantine Act violations at the request of a screening officer or quarantine officer.

What are essential businesses?

Essential businesses include, but are not limited to:

  • grocery stores and pharmacies
  • telecommunications and IT infrastructure service providers
  • businesses that support power generation, natural gas distribution and clean drinking water

Essential businesses are being asked to put into place any and all measures to safeguard the wellbeing of their employees on the frontlines. A list of essential businesses can be found on the Government of Ontario website.

The following establishments are required to remain closed until further notice:

  • Bars and restaurants, except to the extent that such facilities provide takeout and food delivery
  • Facilities providing indoor recreational programs
  • Public libraries
  • Private schools
  • Licensed childcare centres
  • Movie cinemas and all theatres, including those offering live performances of music, dance and other art forms
  • Concert venues
  • Communal or shared, public or private outdoor recreational amenities

If you wish to file a report regarding a non-essential business remaining open, contact the OPP, call 1-888-310-1122.

If you wish to file a report regarding non-compliance under the Quarantine Act, contact https://health.canada.ca/…”

See the release in its entirety here: https://www.opp.ca/news/#/viewnews/5e84cfd7673c2

Residents are reminded that compliance to the Provincial orders are not an option and to stay home if possible and limit trips for supplies.  We wish you all continued good health and thank you for your assistance.


For more information:

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Town of Petrolia                                                                                             

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