Town of Petrolia Moves to Digital Procurement to Simplify Tendering Process

Posted: March 6, 2020

Town of Petrolia Moves to Digital Procurement to Simplify Tendering Process

The Town of Petrolia will now be purchasing high value goods and services through the bids&tenders digital procurement platform (https://petrolia.bidsandtenders.ca). As of March 5, all opportunities for the Town will be available on the on the new portal.

“We are looking forward to providing this platform to streamline and simplify the process.”, said Laurissa Ellsworth, Director of Marketing and Communications, “We are confident that it will offer more suppliers the opportunity to participate in the bidding process.”

Digital procurement through the bids&tenders platform will help Petrolia reach their goal of streamlining their processes and improving efficiency to better serve the community. By automating some administrative tasks and reminders, the bids&tenders system has been shown to reduce the time from bid placement to bid award by 35%. The customized submission forms ensure 100% bid compliancy and all contracts are tracked and stored directly on the platform.

The Town’s first project through their new digital procurement platform will be the reconstruction of Wingfield Street. The redevelopment of local roads is a part of Petrolia’s asset management plan that was created in 2016. The Town will be leveraging their new platform to promote this opportunity to suppliers with full transparency, resulting in frictionless collaboration with the bid winner.

Clerk/Operations Clerk, Mandi Pearson said, “When we first heard about this solution to simplify the tendering process, we were very interested.  Other municipalities in the County of Lambton are using it and are very pleased with the results.”

Suppliers interested in doing business with the Town can create an account on the bids&tenders portal to receive automatic notifications on relevant new opportunities, review those opportunities and submit responses to requests for information (RFI), requests for quotations (RFQ), requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for tenders (RFT). Suppliers will be able to respond to opportunities anytime from anywhere, saving them the time and costs associated with printing and delivering submissions in person.

About bids&tenders

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