Petrolia Residents to Receive Special Delivery of covid-19 Information

Posted: March 23, 2020

Petrolia Residents to Receive Special Delivery of covid-19 Information

Residents of Petrolia should be advised that tomorrow, March 24, 2020 our Support Operations Response Team (SORT) volunteers and volunteers from the Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Department will be hand delivering a twelve-page Special Edition of The Petrolia Connection to each residence.  This Special Edition is a cooperative effort between the Central Lambton Family Health Team and the Town of Petrolia to provide education in reference to covid-19. 

An important note:  these flyers will be left on your front porch, or by your front door only.  They will knock or ring the doorbell and leave without interacting with anyone.  This is for the safety of our volunteers and for residents as well.

Residents are asked to look in the March 26 edition of The Independent of Petrolia and Central Lambton for a list of business hours, closures and changes to services and for updates regarding covid-19.

We thank you for your continued efforts to stay home, and thank travelers for observing, without compromise, the 14 days of isolation at home as well.  Residents are reminded to use online ordering of items where it is available.

Online Resources:

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