Petrolia & North Enniskillen Fire Department Welcome New Ladder Truck

Posted: November 28, 2019

The new ladder truck has arrived!  Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Department members were excited to greet the new addition on Thursday, November 28, 2019.

The ladder truck – a Pierce Ascendant 110-foot Aerial Apparatus is a “bucket” Single Axle elevated platform arrived slightly ahead of the estimated 2020 date.  The final cost for the demo truck is $1,281,200.00 plus HST.  Jay Arns, Fire Chief/Director of Protective Services, “The truck is the workhorse for our department, and it is integral for the safety of our firefighters to provide effective fire rescue and emergency response service to our communities.” 

Enniskillen Township Councillor, Deputy Mayor, and Chair of the Fire Management Committee, Judy Krall said, “This equipment will be extremely beneficial to our Department as they work to protect our communities for the next several years.  Keeping our fire fighters safe is of utmost importance.”

Mayor R. Brad Loosley said, “The ability for the Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Department to work safely to protect our communities and residents is a matter of great importance.  The value of this safe and modern equipment will benefit Petrolia and surrounding municipalities for several years.  Petrolia Council wishes to extend our thanks to the Committee and to the group of Department members that have seen this project through from start to finish.”

“Enniskillen Mayor, Kevin Marriott said, “…This really is an important part of the fleet for the Department, particularly to maintain a safe working environment and to protect our communities.  On behalf of Enniskillen Township Council I would like to thank the Fire Management Committee for their efforts, and the members that have been working to test several models and outfit the vehicle with specific items needed to maintain their exemplary service.”

Fire Chief/Director of Protective Services added, “…we look forward to proudly displaying “Lucky Number 13” – a name affectionately given to the new truck for its position in the fleet – in the Petrolia Santa Claus Parade on December 7, downtown Petrolia, where we are collecting food and monetary donations for the Petrolia Christmas For Everyone efforts.”

13 Ladder Truck Front End 13 Ladder Truck