Petrolia Municipal Office Counter Renovations Complete

Posted: December 12, 2019

Petrolia Municipal Office Counter Renovations Complete

The Municipal Office at Town Hall is pleased to announce that the project to provide an accessible counter for customer service for those using the Municipal Office has been completed.  The project took about four weeks to complete, came in under budget, and was fully funded by a Provincial Grant announced in March that aims to “modernize service delivery and reduce future costs”.

The once chest-height counter has two areas where residents may be served while seated at lowered counter areas.  These lowered counter areas will also serve to provide more privacy for residents while paying taxes and during inquiries. 

 “We are pleased to have this accessible counter to aide in our customer service initiatives.  Not only are there two lower sections where residents can be served while seated but the main counter has been lowered as well to better serve our residents.  Accessibility for our residents and visitors is paramount.”  Said Rick Charlebois, Chief Administrative Officer/Treasurer.

Clerk/Operations Clerk, Mandi Pearson said, “This is a project that we have had in mind for several years, but the unexpected funding from the Province made it a reality this year.  For that we are very grateful.  A thank you to residents for their patience during the construction period.  We extend a warm welcome to residents to come and see the new counter.”

Accessible Counter Victoria Hall