Petrolia Mayor to be Featured on Panel of Experts at AMCTO Municipal Finance Forum

Posted: November 30, 2017

Mayor John McCharles will be a featured panelist at this year’s highly respected conference organized by the Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO), the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association of Ontario (MFOA) and the Chartered Professional Accounts of Ontario (CPA).  Mayor McCharles will speak about Petrolia’s innovative and successful asset management process.

Earlier this year, Councillor Liz Welsh spoke on the subject of Councillor’s perspective of asset management to public infrastructure experts from across Canada at the annual Canadian Network of Asset Managers.  Her presentation was so well attended and well received that AMCTO requested Mayor McCharles participate in its conference. 

The conference includes important speakers such as the federal Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Canada, and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Minister of Infrastructure. 

The Town of Petrolia session is a panel of four experts: Vice President for Infrastructure Ontario (responsible for loaning municipalities funds); Project Director for Municipal Asset Management Program (provides grants to municipalities across Canada); Manager for Municipal Infrastructure Policy from the Province; and Mayor McCharles, who will speak about how critical it is to upgrade municipal services such as safe drinking water, waste water systems, and roads; the millions of dollars of investments required;  sustainable and long term financial planning, and some of the great work that Petrolia has been doing.  Petrolia has close to $235 million of infrastructure! 

Few municipalities are asked to speak.  The other municipal representatives include Guelph and Toronto.  Mayor McCharles will be the only Mayor speaking at the conference—a rare honour.