Petrolia Marks the Return of the French Fry Food Truck, Cautions Against Use of Bridgeview Park

Posted: April 30, 2020

Petrolia Marks the Return of the French Fry Food Truck, Cautions Against Use of Bridgeview Park  

Each year, May 1 marks the annual return of the French Fry Truck in Bridgeview Park, Petrolia.  Traditionally this is also the date that Bridgeview Park is open for the season with picnic tables and picnic areas.  Though, this is not the case for the Park for 2020.

Staff continue to work with the St. Clair Regional Conservation Authority (SCRCA) on a wetlands project in Bridgeview Park South.  The Park, owned by the SCRCA, maintained by the Town of Petrolia will see work continue over the next several weeks.

To manage existing flooding concerns, the SCRCA and the Town will be building additional wetlands to collect stormwater overflow and provide filtration to water before it enters Bear Creek. This project will provide beneficial wildlife habitat, retain existing healthy trees, and will reduce the need for Park maintenance in the floodplain where standing water has persisted for several years.

As the project shows signs of progress, Bridgeview Park will remain closed to use while the grass seed and wildflowers are allowed an opportunity to take root.  More trees are also being planted in the Park.

Provincial restrictions due to COVID-19 will prevent the picnic area, sports fields, dog run and pavilions from use at this time also.  For those visiting the French Fry Truck, you are asked to pick your food items up and take them home to enjoy them.  There will be no dining permitted in the Park at this time.

Bridgeview Park North will remain closed at this time as well so that work can proceed on the nature trails and Park lands.  Petrolia Discovery remains closed to the public also.

Once the work has been completed residents will be advised and will be permitted to use the Park lands for walking, and as the Provincial guidelines are updated those changes will also be reflected.  Director of Facilities and Community Services, Dave Menzies said, “We appreciate residents patience while we work to complete the wetlands project, and are grateful for their help to avoid the area while our grass and flowers have a chance to take root and get a healthy start.”

The Truckin’ Mamas French Fry Truck has participated in all of the Lambton Public Health training and requirements for safe service during COVID-19 and will be accepting orders by telephone to (519)384-4556.  A full takeout menu is available by visiting the Truckin’ Mamas Facebook page.  Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.