Petrolia Council Votes to “Opt In” Regarding Retail Cannabis

Posted: January 15, 2019

Petrolia Council Votes to “Opt In” Regarding Retail Cannabis

The Council of the Town of Petrolia has joined other municipalities in Lambton including Sarnia and Dawn-Euphemia and has decided to “opt in” and to allow Cannabis Retail Sales in Petrolia. This decision was made after Council heard the results from residents through a survey that was online and available from December 4, 2018 until January 7, 2019 and from a Public Meeting where residents were encouraged to attend to hear from The Lambton Ontario Provincial Police Inspector/Detachment Commander Chris Avery and from staff.

Resident Survey Results showed the following, as it relates to their opinion on Retail Cannabis in Petrolia:

TOTAL # of responses: 1011

QUESTION 1: The Town of Petrolia wants to know what you believe to be the best option for Petrolia:

Opt out and ban retail/storefront cannabis sales in Petrolia 31.06% (314 responses)
Allow retail/storefront cannabis sales in Petrolia 68.94% (697 responses)

QUESTION 2: Which group includes your age?

Under 18 – 0.30% (3)
18-24 – 12.36% (124)
25-34 – 24.73% (250)
35-44 – 23.05% (233)
45-54 – 14.64% (148)
55-64 – 15.73% (159)
65+ – 9.00% (91)
Prefer not to answer. – 0.30% (3)

QUESTION 3: What is your gender identity?

Female 63.30% (640)
Male 35.61% (360)
Transgender 0.20% (2)
Non-binary 0.30% (3)
Not otherwise specified. 0.59% (6)

QUESTION 3: What describes your role in Petrolia?

Resident 78.89% (796)
Business Owner 1.29% (13)
Both Resident and Business Owner 5.65% (57)
Non-resident and Business Owner 0.69% (7)
Non-resident 13.48% (136)

Collector Report: 961 – Facebook
50 – Website Link

Results of the Public Meeting saw approximately 30 residents in attendance, with comments made regarding concerns about Retail Cannabis in Petrolia and some comments made for clarification and one in support.

Mayor Brad Loosley said, “Cannabis has already been legalized, we are here this evening to make a decision regarding allowing retail sales in Petrolia.”

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) issued permission to specific areas in Ontario for the first 25 licenses on the weekend. More retail opportunities will be available in the future, and through application to the AGCO.

For more information:

Rick Charlebois
Chief Administrative Officer/Treasurer
Town of Petrolia, 411 Greenfield Street, Petrolia, Ontario, N0N 1R0
Phone: (519)882-2350 Ext. 225
E-mail: rcharlebois@petrolia.ca