Petrolia Council Supports Plans, In Principle, for an All-Season Multi-Sports Complex

Posted: January 15, 2019

Petrolia Council Supports Plans, In Principle, for an All-Season Multi-Sports Complex  

Petrolia, ON – During regular Council last night, the Council of the Town of Petrolia heard sixteen-year-old resident Matt Mueller’s idea for an All-Season Multi-Sports Complex.  The idea is to raise $2.2M in capital funds to support the facility in Lambton County, ideally in Petrolia.  Mr. Mueller worked and raised about $24,000 in 2014 to help with the rehabilitation costs for Mary Beach Tennis Courts in Petrolia.

It was recommended that the facility be located beside the Petrolia YMCA for synergies and facility sharing.  Current sports that are under consideration include three tennis/pickleball courts, soccer, computer-generated golf driving range, running/walking/wheelchair accessible track.  The fundraising is expected to take two years, and if the group is not successful in raising the total amount, the funds will be turned over to the Town of Petrolia to be used for recreational activities that may include tennis.  The concept includes a non-permanent building with removable walls, with geothermal heating thus, allowing the facility to operate all year. 

The volunteer group is chaired by Mr. Mueller and will draw on many other skilled volunteers including Clive Barry, Project Manager; Krista Mueller, High School Teacher; Norm Sutherland, Engineer; Margo Parsons, Financial; Cody Stout, Indoor Golf Range Expert, and others as required.

Tennis statistics show that in 2018 more than 6.5 million people played tennis, and that there has been an 80% growth in tennis participation over the last five years. 

The Council of the Town of Petrolia thanked the volunteers for the idea and for their passion for the project and voted to support, in principle, the idea and supported the potential land use at the Petrolia YMCA backyard area.  In addition, Council offered staff assistance in writing the Trillium Seed Grant application, due February 4, 2019 and for staff to work with the group in development of the plan. 

Mayor Brad Loosley said, “Thank you Matt, we are very impressed with your presentation and with the work that the group has done thus far.” 

Next steps will be for the group to apply to the Trillium Foundation to obtain Seed Grant money to hire an expert to undertake a feasibility study to address issues such as program design, marketing data, and financial forecasts concerning long term financial viability and operating costs. 

Final approval on the 2019 Budget for the Town of Petrolia is expected on January 28, and if passed, the budget includes a Parks and Recreation Master Plan that will help define the future needs and park and land usage for the next ten to fifteen years.  The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will include public consultation and provide a detailed look at the future needs for recreation in Petrolia.



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