Petrolia and Oil Springs featured in The Boston Globe

Posted: May 2, 2018

Petrolia and Oil Springs featured in The Boston Globe

Petrolia, ON – It was a snowy day in January, when a travel writer sent an e-mail to Town Hall looking for some contact information to plan a visit to the area to tell a story.   In March, Claudia Capos, a Travel Writer from Brighton, Michigan visited Oil Springs and Petrolia with interest in telling our oil heritage story.  Through arrangements with Fairbank Oil and the Oil Museum of Canada, and the Town of Petrolia Ms. Capos and her husband were given a grand tour of several facilities, including the Petrolia Library, Van Tuyl and Fairbank Hardware, Victoria Hall, lunch downtown Petrolia and an opportunity to walk through our downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods with Victorian architecture.

Ms. Capos intent was to have her article featured in the Boston Globe and for the article to “…highlight the excitement and significance of Canada’s Black Gold Rush to readers.”  The article was featured in the April 24, 2018 edition of the paper and was called “Black Gold Fever: Canada Celebrates its 160-year Oil Heritage”.  Beneath a photo of fourth generation oil producer Charles Fairbank III, a story unfolds of their experience in the area, highlighting their tour of Oil Springs and the Oil Museum of Canada, and their visit to Petrolia. 

In her own words, Ms. Capos introduces Petrolia and makes notes of a few of her observations that include “…A stroll through Petrolia’s downtown takes us past the 1903 Victorian-style Grand Trunk Station (now the public library) with its dramatic red turrets…” The article appears online here: https://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/travel/2018/04/24/black-gold-fever-canada-celebrates-its-year-oil-heritage/p92GpW1x9K3GMUpXVYeCFM/story.html

Mayor John McCharles said, “To have the opportunity to tell people about our oil heritage was an honour, we are pleased that our history, and the story of Fairbank Oil and Oil Springs has reached The Boston Globe readers.  We hope that we will see an increase in visitors who enjoyed the story.”