Florence, Egan & Kerby Road Construction Complete

Posted: October 3, 2018

Florence, Egan & Kerby Road Construction Complete

Petrolia, ON- The water, sewer and road reconstruction on the final phase of Florence Avenue, Egan Avenue and Kerby Street have been completed, and all that remains is the final topcoat of asphalt in the Spring of 2019. 

Kerby Street, Florence Avenue, and Egan Avenue are streets that connect to one another on the north side of Petrolia Line, west of Eureka Street.  This area of Petrolia had one of the remaining combined sewers in Petrolia.  Other sewers in the area have been inspected and have several more decades of usefulness, so the town will experience some cost savings to the overall project. 

The new Clean Water Wastewater Fund awarded the project $628, 917.00 and the remainder of the $2.6 million project will be paid for by using reserves, grants, and water and sewer reserves.  Chief Administrative Officer/Treasurer, Rick Charlebois said, “Despite some weather delays, we are pleased with the completion of this project, and with the improvements that residents in the area will benefit from.  We wish to extend our thanks to M.I.G. Engineering and Cope Construction for their work on this construction project.”

The trio of streets have been on residents wish lists for several years, and Mayor John McCharles is, “…very happy to see this project completed this fall.  A short term of construction-related inconveniences has paid off in the best possible way, our residents have been left with new, sound infrastructure and new roads and sidewalks.”