Bridgeview Park South Wetlands Project Begins

Posted: October 9, 2019

Bridgeview Park South Wetlands Project Begins

Staff are working with the St. Clair Regional Conservation Authority (SCRCA) on a wetlands project in Bridgeview Park South in Petrolia.  The Park, owned by the SCRCA, maintained by the Town of Petrolia will see work continue over the next several weeks.

To manage existing flooding concerns, SCRCA and the Town will be building additional wetlands to collect stormwater overflow and provide filtration to water before it enters Bear Creek. This project will provide beneficial wildlife habitat, retain existing healthy trees, and will reduce the need for park maintenance in the floodplain where standing water has persisted for several years.

The scope of the project includes the removal of trees.  The tree removal is focused solely on dead standing trees.  The Walnut trees have been sold, and funds obtained from the sale of the Walnut trees will be placed in a Parks fund to help with the expense of planting new trees.  Removal of the dead Ash trees is also taking place, and once completed, the wood will be placed in the parking lot of Bridgeview Park South and available to residents to cut up and remove at their own expense.  The Community Services department kindly asks that residents that collect the Ash please come to Town Hall and donate toward the cost of planting new trees.

Director of Facilities and Community Services, Dave Menzies said, “…We never want to remove mature trees, but sometimes we need to in order to plan for the planting of new, healthy ones that will serve the Park for many years.”

Please note that access to Bridgeview Park South parking area is limited during this project, and we thank you for avoiding use of the area for your safety.  The seasonal mobile refreshment vehicle is accessible today, and will be closing for the season today at 4:00 p.m.  The vehicle will return in May 2020.

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