April 22 – FREE Compost Day for Residents!

Posted: April 13, 2017

Petrolia residents will have an opportunity to discard their yard and garden waste on April 22, 2017. This good news comes after last week’s announcement of immediate closure of the Compost Site in Petrolia. This compost event coincides with Earth Day, a day set to bring awareness to the environment and to connect people to nature.

Mayor John McCharles asked staff to come up with a quick solution to the closure, as this time of year the compost facility is an integral service to homeowners in Petrolia. “It’s incredibly positive that staff was able to provide this opportunity to homeowners as they work toward a more long-term solution. Although the closure was unexpected, staff have worked very quickly to come up with an excellent temporary solution.”

Green initiatives in Petrolia are very important to Mayor McCharles, Council and Staff, and ongoing service to our residents is paramount. Director of Operations, Mike Thompson said, “There is no two ways about it, our residents need a way to dispose of these items to maintain the beautiful appearance of Petrolia.”

On April 22, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Petrolia residents are welcome to bring grass clippings, weeds and brush items to the Waste Management site at 4485 Progress Drive, Petrolia, where a staff member from Waste Management and the Town of Petrolia will be present to check for both proof of residency via Driver’s License and to assist with the disposal of approved items. This one day compost depot will be free of charge.

Items that WILL be accepted:
Yard Waste
• Leaves
• Grass clippings
• Garden waste

• Tree limbs/branches (cannot exceed 4 inches in diameter)
• Hedges
• Shrubs
• Woody plants (e.g. vines or rose bushes)
• Logs
• Stumps

Items that WILL NOT be accepted:
• Waste and recyclables
• Sod, soil and sand
• Building materials
• Stones
• Plastic bags

Tips for Residents:
• Yard waste will be separated from brush in 2 separate bins so please do not bag items together.
• Town of Petrolia residents only.
• Only Paper bags will be accepted. No plastic or biodegradable bags will be accepted.
• Brush must be of reasonable length and weight for manual lifting.
• Residents will be asked to take unacceptable items back home with them.

Staff continue to work toward a permanent solution for residents, and Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk, Manny Baron said, “We will be bringing a report to Council with the staff recommendation on April 24, 2017 at the public meeting of Council.” Residents with season passes to the Compost Site are asked to please hold on to them at this time.