A Letter to Residents – May 8, 2020

Posted: May 8, 2020

Dear Residents,

As Mental Health Week ends, I would like to encourage residents to access mental health services if needed. COVID-19 is causing stress and uncertainty for the world, and for individuals as they make tough decisions about finances, family health, try to teach their children, and work at home if able.  As a community it is more important now, than ever to be considerate of these facts during your interactions. 

I would like to thank you all for doing your part and helping one another in a variety of ways.  The way that our community has come together can only be described as amazing and heartwarming.   Keep it up!  Caring for one another is incredibly important.  Call a friend, video chat with your family or text someone to say hello – these gestures mean so much.

With each passing week, staff and Council are making adjustments to life in Petrolia to keep everyone safe and healthy.  These delays for service and changes to the delivery of service are temporary and are not made without very careful consideration of the impact that they will have to our residents.   Some decisions are easier than others, and some will have an impact on the Petrolia we know and love this summer and fall.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work through the safe opening of the Petrolia Compost Depot and the Petrolia Farmers’ Market.  I have found some great online resources for home composting, and until we are able to deposit our compost items safely and without risk to residents and employee’s health and safety, I suggest these options – I found them to be quite easy, and perhaps a good activity for the family to learn together.  The services that are delayed or postponed at this time will open as soon as it is safe for us to do so.

See below for some resources, and as always, we encourage you to reach out to the Town Staff with any questions by calling (519) 882-2350 or by sending an e-mail to petrolia@petrolia.ca .  Our staff are working hard to continue to offer excellent customer service and to maintain the safe, uninterrupted operation of services and to provide new ways to access changed services.  I remain positive for the path ahead and wish you all continued good health and wellness. 

Mental Health Resource:  https://www.ontario.ca/page/find-mental-health-support

Home Composting Options:

35 Options to Make Your Own Backyard Compost Bin: https://bit.ly/2VbO54N

Learn How to Compost in your Own Backyard Here: https://bit.ly/3aOSxwZ



Mayor R. Brad Loosley