Petrolia Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Complete

Posted: October 14, 2020

Petrolia Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Complete

In 2018, it was announced that, for the first time under the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund, four communities are working together following a successful joint application to the program’s 2017 top-up application intake. The grant of $7.4 million dollars is the second largest grant that Petrolia has been the recipient of, second only to the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade grant of $21.1 million.

The approved project has been completed and has upgraded the Petrolia Water Treatment Plant to include new High Lift Pumps and a new clear well. The project presented the opportunity to improve these components at the Water Treatment Plant and provide necessary upgrades to continue current operations and to allow for future expansion of service. The minor expansion of storage will add approximately 100m3, and the isolation of the high lift pumps will lead to better maintenance opportunities at the Plant.

The project cost $8.1 million, and the OCIF top-up allocations made available to Dawn-Euphemia, Enniskillen, Oil Springs and Petrolia for the project totaled $7.4 million. The funding has effectively covered just over 90% of the total project cost. The province has advised the Town of Petrolia that this is the first time that four municipalities have been successful in obtaining OCIF funding for a joint project. The grant program was the last year (fourth year) of the Ontario Community Infrastructure Program.

Bob Bailey, Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) said, “Congratulations to Petrolia, Dawn-Euphemia, Enniskillen and Oil Springs on successfully completing all the upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant. On behalf of the Government of Ontario I want to commend the communities involved on their willingness to work together on this important project.”

Mayor R. Brad Loosley said, “Providing safe drinking water is paramount. I am so pleased at how this project was managed, and at the completion of these upgrades for our residents. The Town of Petrolia is grateful for the provincial funding, and to our partnering municipalities of Dawn-Euphemia, Enniskillen and Oil Springs for sharing our vision for the future of our communities.”

Echoing Mayor Loosley, the Mayor of Dawn-Euphemia, Alan Broad said, “This project was an excellent example of the exceptional things that can happen when communities work together. Safe, clean and available drinking water is of utmost importance to our community and we thank the province for their incredible support.”

Mayor Kevin Marriott of Enniskillen Township said, “Repairs of this nature are always best to be undertaken in advance and we are very pleased to have partnered with these other communities to ensure that there is always a safe supply of drinking water for our residents. The Council and residents of Enniskillen Township wish to thank the Province for the funding.”

Mayor Ian Veen of Oil Springs stated that “Looking ahead at the growth in all of our communities, this project was a welcome one for all of us. Clean drinking water is the very most important service that a municipality provides, and I am pleased that we could work together. I would also like to thank the province of Ontario for the funding and look forward to future opportunities.”

The next major capital project for the water system is the replacement of the Water Treatment Plant Water In-take (the 383-metre-long pipe in Lake Huron that brings lake water into our plant for treatment). We were unsuccessful in the first round of the new Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) Green Stream grant program this past year. The four municipalities intend to re-apply for the next round of the Green Stream once it is available.

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