Greenwood Recreation Programming Update – Public Skating

Posted: October 6, 2020

The Greenwood Recreation Centre in Petrolia has adapted facility scheduling to allow for deep-cleaning between user groups and throughout the day.  These changes include more time between groups, a full sanitation and deep cleaning of benches, the lobby, washrooms, and public areas. 

In keeping with the Provincial limitations of 50 persons inside of sports facilities, staff have amended capacities in all areas of the building effective immediately until further notice. 

The Town of Petrolia is committed to creating safe, healthy, vibrant spaces. In promoting shared positive experiences, we ask all participants to observe the principles of public safety, respect, and courtesy.

The protocols for all forms of public skating events have been adapted to fit with provincial and local health regulations. Effective Thursday, October 15, the Greenwood Rec Centre will provide public skating in the following formats only during Phase 1.





Moms Pops and Tots  

·         Tots defined as 6 and under

·         No sticks

·         Skate aids are available*


Mondays and Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to noon

Adult Skate                 

·         19 years and older

·         No sticks


Mondays and Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Learn to Play

·         Children 6 and under with parent or provider

·         Sticks and pucks permitted

·         No aggressive play

·         Helmet, and gloves are mandatory at minimum


Fridays from noon to 1:00 p.m.

Maximum number of people at any individual event = 10

Entrance restricted once limit is reached

All Greenwood Recreation Centre Covid-19 safety measures will be enforced.

Masks are mandatory on and off the ice for everyone over the age of 2.

  • Children​ must always be under adult supervision.
  • Carrying an infant on the ice is not permitted.
  • All “on ice” participants require skates.
  • Helmets are mandatory​​ for all skaters 6 and under and strongly recommended for all skaters.
  • Sledge skating is permitted.
  • Use of cell phones and/or headphones while on the ice is not permitted.
  • Skaters are requested to not sit on the boards or in players benches.
  • Figure skating is​ not​​ permitted.
  • Formal or organized coaching is​ not​​ permitted.
  • Those displaying unsafe or inappropriate behavior on or off the ice will be asked to leave.
  • Skating aids are available for public use; however, skaters may bring their own commercially made skating aid product if it is in good working order. *
  • No Toboggans, Sleighs or Wagons
  • Strollers are permitted during Moms, Pops and Tots.

Given the COVID-19 reduction in capacity, and due to the additional time between users for sanitation, residents are advised that, at this time, Sunday Public Skating will not be available.

As the Province changes capacity limits and staff have had an opportunity to test and time the sanitation requirements this will be re-evaluated.  Staff are looking at options in the coming months that would see a trial Sunday Public Skating event with 30-minute timeframes for up to 50 skaters.   Information on that part of the skating schedule will be published once staff have confirmed the details.  In the meantime, staff look forward to welcoming Moms, Pops and Tots, Adults, and Learn to Play participants.