The Community Playground at the YMCA Opens Despite the Early Snow

Posted: November 13, 2019

The Community Playground at the YMCA Opens Despite the Early Snow

 The Community Playground at the YMCA has been in place since late September of 2019 and today many of the donors were present for the “official opening” of the Playground.

The $70,000.00 accessible Playground was funded by donations from several Service Clubs, Groups, Organizations, Businesses, individuals and even from the film company that worked in Petrolia in the fall of 2018.  Mayor R. Brad Loosley said, “It’s nice to see this sort of thing happen in Petrolia when groups work together.  This is great for our town!”

The Town of Petrolia wishes to extend our sincere thank you to the donors:  The Lambton Central Petrolia Optimist Club, The Rotary Club of Petrolia, Oil Heritage District Community Centre Programs, Granville Films, Sarnia Community Foundation, Bourque Renovations, Mommy Market Petrolia, Williams Farms, Lambton Area Industries, Special Needs Employment and Terry Bright. 

The special project appointed Community Services Advisory Committee Members Cindy Sharp, and Ross Ellsworth “…had a lot of fun looking over the 13 different designs with people of all ages.  It was fun to hear the children’s different opinions.” 

“Although the snow was a bit of a surprise this early, we hope that there will still be some opportunity for children to enjoy the new Playground this fall.” Said Dave Menzies, Director of Facilities and Community Services.

The Playground is open to the public and is located at 360 Tank Street, Petrolia, behind the Petrolia YMCA.

The Community Playground at the YMCA Donors