Junior Firefighters Learn the Ropes in Petrolia

Posted: July 20, 2018

Junior Firefighters Learn the Ropes in Petrolia

 Petrolia, ON- The Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Department was pleased to host a Junior Firefighter program for the past week in Petrolia.  Youth ages 11-14 were introduced to hose handling, water flow and nozzle use, fire safety, fire pre-plans, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, basic First Aid, vehicle extrication, use of hydraulic cutters and spreaders, the use of miscellaneous hand tools, fire station duties, search and rescue, with a focus on fire prevention public education and the importance of safety.

 A highlight of the week for the students was when they were taught about the different types of fire extinguishers and had the opportunity to put their skills to work putting out a live fire.  The entire week the students were presented with hands on opportunities to learn. 

Candidates for this program were selected based on their interest to participate.  To help students learn about the opportunity, public educators visited area schools to explain the program.  Fire Chief, Jay Arns, said, “I’m really proud of the Junior Firefighters.  They were exposed to a lot of aspects of firefighting this week and they learned a lot.”

Yesterday, the students enjoyed a wrap up bar-be-que, a friendly game of water ball, and their parents were invited to see them participate in a demonstration of what they learned throughout the week.  The cost of the program was $20, which covered their t-shirts and the bar-be-que. 

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