Posted: June 5, 2018


Petrolia, ON – Petrolia Pizzafest organizers are celebrating another resounding success following Saturday’s event in Victoria Park, Petrolia.  Five pizza vendors were in the park and served a total of more than 430 pizzas.  Line ups were stretching across the park, at times, while attendees waited for a slice from the vendor of their choice, and empty pizza boxes could be seen piling up between deliveries. 

More than 5100 slices were sold at the event, that started at noon and wrapped up at 7:00 p.m..  Proceeds from the event will be presented to the Petrolia Community Fund at the June 25, 2018 Town Council meeting.  The donation to the fund, is estimated to be more than $1200.00 this year.  The Petrolia Community Fund awards grants to deserving Petrolia residents and organizations that support the town’s goals and initiatives for a safe and healthy community.

Three bands, including newcomer The Overtones and crowd favourites, Borderline and The Geoff Masse Band rocked Victoria Park all day as part of the free entertainment; residents enjoyed the music from the comfort of their lawn chairs set down in the shade of the giant maples throughout the park.  The First Petrolia Scouts sold cold treats, the Petrolia Lions Club tempted visitors with a 50/50 draw, The Rotary Club of Petrolia served beverages in the beer gardens, and the Lambton Central Petrolia Optimist Club offered cold drinks and a pizza alternative – bar-be-que hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers. 

David Menzies, Director of Facilities and Community Services estimates that, “More than 4000 people enjoyed the pizza, family fun and ice cream.”  The estimated economic impact in Petrolia for an event such as this is around $116,000.00 for the seven-hour event.  Director of Marketing and Communications, Laurissa Ellsworth said “The value of an event like this in downtown Petrolia stretches far beyond selling pizza in the Park, it reaches our downtown businesses, impacts our Farmers’ Market and encourages visitors to the Victoria Playhouse Petrolia to stay in town longer.”  Petrolia was buzzing with activity with a nearly capacity crowd enjoying Shirley Valentine on stage at Victoria Hall; the Petrolia Farmers’ Market welcomed Sarnia RV with a display and saw the years’ first strawberries flying off the shelves; and 44 visitors from the Forest River Owners Groups across the United States and Canada were in town enjoying the activities and amenities as well.

Events like this don’t happen without a very long list of volunteers; Mayor John McCharles reiterated, “…Petrolia is rich because of the commitment and selflessness of our volunteers.  We are so blessed to have so many passionate people in our community who participate and make the community signature events a huge success!”