Posted: November 18, 2020

2020 GREEN LEADER PROGRAM Announcement
In partnership with Waste Management of Canada and the Town of Petrolia


The new “Green Leader Program” is part of Waste Management and the Town of Petrolia’s ongoing efforts to encourage the development of local community engagement and environmental solutions that build sustainable communities. The program is centered around a grant opportunity that is available to applicants living, working, and learning in the Town of Petrolia or benefitting Petrolia and its residents.
Waste Management and the Town of Petrolia invited businesses, organizations, and institutions to apply for this funding opportunity in the spring of 2020.

The program is designed to support initiatives that highlight the following Sustainability Goals:

Our Planet Goal: Waste Management will offset four times the greenhouse gas emissions we generate through our operations by 2038.

• Understanding the importance of the environment, the program supports organizations and programs that preserve and/or enhance natural resources and/or help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our People Goal: Waste Management will help make communities in which we live and work safe, resilient, and sustainable.

• Waste Management is a local Town of Petrolia business that is an integral part of the communities we serve. To help make our communities better places to work and live, we concentrate on initiatives that support employees, enhance our environment, promote education, and improve the livability of our communities.

Applicants were invited to request up to $15,000 in program/project funding. This funding is a one-time, non-repayable, fully funded grant. Applications have been reviewed by a committee and the successful applicants are outlined below.

2020 Successful Applicants:

PARENTS-FOR-PARKS – approved for $15,000 to purchase soft surfacing tiles that are made up of approximately 1800 recycled passenger car tires. These tires are ground up and molded into tiles for the playground instead of being routed to a landfill. The total amount of recycled rubber to be used for this project is around 350,000 pounds.

The playground surface will be constructed of recycled rubber tires that is not only accessible and safe but very environmentally friendly. This project will leave a lasting impact for residents in and around our community.

ST. CLAIR CONSERVATION AUTHORITY (SCRCA) – approved for $10,000 to purchase the following for the Bridgeview Park Wetlands:

1) Interpretive signs describing wetland function and highlighting unique species that can be observed while visiting, including Blackstripe Topminnow, Royal River Cruiser (Dragonfly), Kentucky Coffee Tree and Green Heron. The Interpretive signs will help illuminate the significance of the park within Petrolia and provide clear educational messages and content. They also inspire a feeling of stewardship in park visitors, strengthening the awareness of species at risk and natural resources.

2) Habitat enhancements including:

• Bird & Mammal Nesting Boxes — Installation and maintenance of tree swallow and wood duck nest boxes.

• Monarch Waystation – Monarch Waystations are places that provide resources necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. Typically, waystations cover an area of at least 100 square feet, providing food and shelter through the planting of native species such as Milkweed.

• Large Stock Tree Planting – Planting of twelve large stock native trees

• Turtle Basking Logs – Installation of basking logs to enhance turtle habitat and provide viewing opportunities for community members.

3) Viewing Bench – Installation of two viewing benches overlooking the park and wetland, providing a spot where community members can observe wildlife and relax.

4) Phragmites Removal and Treatment – SCRCA staff will perform Phragmites treatment to reduce the impact of this invasive species.

5) Community Communication – SCRCA will produce and present a talk highlighting the significance and importance of the enhancements and changes at Bridgeview Park in Petrolia…”


The agricultural society’s mission outlines their support of the beautification of the community and these funds will be used to invest in the planting of trees on the property which will be sourced from a local business. This will help provide some much-needed shade for the many community members who enjoy the property.

Waste Management, the Town of Petrolia and the committee wish to thank all that applied for the Green Leader Program in 2020 and would like to remind groups that the 2021 application will be available online early next year.